My Story

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website!!  My name is Brooke Taylor and I live in Olympia, Washington with my husband and 3 daughters and this is my Scentsy story.  My Scentsy story started in February of 2013 after attending my first ever Scentsy Facebook party.  At the time, I was not familiar with what Scentsy was or how it worked but at the close of the party, I went ahead and ordered an Element warmer and 3 scentsy bars as a combine and save package.  I thought what could it hurt? I have spent $39 on worse things.  Needless to say, after receiving my package, I was HOOKED! And almost immediately signed up to be a consultant.  (I needed to be able to support my habit!) Being a Scentsy consultant gives me the extra cash flow to help pay for my daughter’s dance classes, my coffee shop drinks, clothes, eating out, movies and even the Holidays! It gives me something as a busy full time working mom to focus on for me and I love doing it!!  My kids look forward to UPS delivery days so they can help me label and put customer packages together! I LOVE that we may have future Scentsy consultants in our home. I love helping my customers pick out new scents or try something completely new, like the Laundry products (which I am in LOVE with!!).  So please let me know what I can do to make the best out of your Scentsy experience and maybe you could just start your own Scentsy story too!  $99 is all it takes!   ~Brooke Taylor 360-704-8655